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Little, Stephen, 1954-
Taoism and the arts of China. - [Fulltext] / by Stephen Little with Shawn Eichman. - Chicago : Art Institute of Chicago, 2000. - 415 s : ill.

Sullivan, Michael
The Arts of China. - [Fulltext]. - 3 ed. - Berkeley : University of California press, 1984. - 278 s. : ill.
   Orignialutgåva 1967.
Intended both for the general reader and the serious student, The Arts of China presents a fascinating and balanced picture of Chinese art from the Stone Age to the present day. The author concerns himself not only with art, but also with Chinese philosophy, religion, and the realm of ideas. At the same time, he places the arts in their political and social setting. Hence his book is not merely a history of art but, to some degree, a cultural history of China as well.

Watt, James C. Y
China : dawn of a golden age, 200-750 AD. - [Fulltext] / by James C.Y. Watt. - New York : Metropolitan museum of Art, 2004. - 392 s. : ill.
   Catalog of an exhibition held at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, Oct. 12, 2004-Jan. 23, 2005.
   Art and history in China from the 3rd through the 8th century / James C.Y. Wyatt -- Central Asian metalwork in China / Boris I. Marshak -- The art of glass along the silk road / An Jiayao -- The evolution of textiles along the silk road / Zhao Feng -- Buddha images of the northern plain, 4th-6th century / Su Bai -- Buddhist art in China / Angela F. Howard -- Catalogue. Late Han, late 2nd-early 3rd century -- The coming of the Xianbei -- Early Northern Wei dynasty -- The western regions and the way thither -- South China, 3rd-6th century -- Luoyang and after, 6th century in the north -- Arts of the Sui and early Tang dynasties, 581-755

Popular Chinese Literature and Performing Arts in the People's Republic of China, 19491979 /edidted by Bonnie S. McDougall. - Berkeley : University of California press, 1984. - 341 s. : Index.


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