Folket och landet 

Det kinesiska samhället kring sekelskiftet 1900

Douglas, Robert Kennaway, 1838-
Society in China. - [Fulltext]. - London : Innes & co, 1894. - 415 s. : ill.
  Innehåll: The emperor and the court.--The government.--The penal code.--The administration of the laws.--Village communities.--The literati and farmers--Mechanics and merchants.--Medicine.--The competitive examinations.--Filial piety and the position of women.--Marriage.--Funeral relations.--Our commercial relations with China.--The war of 1860.--Foreign relations.--Outrages on missionaries.--The audience question.--Foreign trade with China.--Chinese architecture.--Domestic slaves.--Infanticide.--Food and dress.--Gardens and travel.--Amusements.--Coins and art.--The religions of China

Liang, Y.K.
Village and town life in China. - [Fulltext] / by Y K Lian and L K Tao. - London : George Allen and Unwin, 1915. - 155 s